Book Marketing Platform

To start marketing your book, you must first establish a platform for your book and for your author persona. If this is your first foray into book marketing, these tasks will take some time, but they are essential activities.

The major contents of your platform are listed below.

* Strategic Marketing Plan

* Website page

* Amazon Central

* Social media accounts

* Media kit

Some of these activities can’t be completed until your book is either published or is in pre-order. In other words, after it has a presence on the internet. You’ll need the cover image and other information about the book before you can complete these activities. If you have a publisher, a few activities may already be done, but you should review them with an eye to improve and strengthen them.

Let’s go over the contents of your platform one item at a time.

Strategic Marketing Plan:

This is the document that anchors and directs all of your marketing activities. Perhaps the most important part is the customer identity. Unless you know who your customers are and how to reach them, your marketing activities will be wasted. For instance, if you wrote a children’s picture book, you may think the kids are your customers. They aren’t. Kids don’t have money or credit cards and they don’t browse the web looking for stuff to buy. The children’s parents and grandparents are your primary customers.

Website page:

As a new author, you have to face the fact your book is published in the 21st century. Readers search for and find books by using the internet. The implication of the last statement is that you and your book need a website. The simplest way to establish a web presence is to use a program like WordPress or Blogger or Weebly.

Websites such as WordPress, Blogger and Weebly have two essential types of content: pages and posts. Pages are static in that they don’t change unless you deliberately set out to change them. Once you establish a page on the website, it stays there, doesn’t move and doesn’t change.

Posts are for blogging and these aren’t static like pages. A new blog post will appear at the top of the website once you publish it. When you write a second post, the initial one will move down to make room for the new post.

So what do you do with a website once you have it up and running? You use it to pimp your book. There should be a dedicated page for the book and it should be easy to find. Don’t make a visitor search for the book page.

Initially that page should have a picture of the cover, your book blurb and buy links. You can also put your short synopsis on it.

Amazon Central:

Once your book is available for sale or pre-order on Amazon, you can start an Author Page. If you have a publisher, it may have started this page for you. In this case, you should look at it to see if you can add content to it.

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